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Short Overview


This project has three main aims:
- kids to learn more about the Information society they are part of, by the means of game and contest elements and using simple digital tools;
- kids to entertain while creating their hero works (stories, drawings, photos) and thus stimulating their autonomy and self-reliance;
- kids to build up their own communication point (Blablas website), where to show their works, to ask the questions they are interested in and to get the most accurate answers.

Blablas project has three main steps:
- The opening step is to build a website primary version and to announce the first hero contest children choose their own hero (existing or imaginary), write a hero story and send it to Blablas;
- Second step is to organize one week workshop with 8 kids- authors of the 8 most interesting stories. During the workshop kids finish their stories, draw their heroes, learn how to behave in the NET(mails, sites, etc), how to make pictures with digital camera, how to listen music and watch a movie on the computer;
- Third step is to start building an edutainment portal, where Bulgarian children could learn, entertain and communicate!

Target groups
Children aged between 10 and 12 years, their parents, their teachers.

Web Site Design Features: XHTML, Macromedia Flash

Web design UIAB

Short Overview


THE UNION OF THE IMPORTERS OF AUTOMOBILES IN BULGARIA (UIAB) is a branch organisation registered under the Law for the non-profit corporate bodies, with the purspose of uniting and defending its members' rights. The membership right is granted only to companies with a proven status of an official importer of one or more automobile brands in Bulgaria. UIAB is inspired and guided in its activities by the mission and goals of the Union's Statute.

Web Site Design Features: Multi-lingual site

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