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System integration
Integration, customization and deployment of enterprise level solutions provided in collaboration with our business partners
Soft-I uses object-oriented development technology based on concepts of OOD/OOP.
We are specialized in Windows Distributed iNternet Applications development technology for building three-tiered internet/intranet business applications. We explicitly follow and adopt the latest state of the art technologies in theentire development process.

 Database access    Web & Application Servers /  Middleware  
 Microsoft SQL Server 2000    Microsoft IIS 4 / 5
 Microsoft SQL Server 7    Microsoft MTS/COM and COM+
 Microsoft Access    .NET Framework
 Oracle 7/8i    Web & Graphical Design
 ODBC / DAO / ADO / ADO.Net    Macromedia Dreamweaver
 Platform/ Operating Systems    MS Front Page
 Microsoft Windows XP    Adobe Photoshop
 Microsoft Windows 2000 Server / WS    Adobe Illustrator
 Microsoft Windows NT 4 Server / WS    Adobe ImageReady
 Microsoft Windows 9x    Macromedia Flash
 Programming Languages /  Environments    Corel Draw
 MS Visual C++ 6 ATL / STL / MFC / Win32    Corel Photo Paint
 MS Visual Basic 6    Office Applications
 GNU C++    Microsoft Office
 MS Visual InterDev / ASP programming    Adobe Acrobat
 HTML / DHTML / CSS    Adobe Distiller
 XML / XSL    
 Java Script / VB Script    
 Visual Studio.NET / C#    
 Java, GraphTalk, SmallTalk, Prolog,  Lisp    
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